Who Drink Arnold Palmer T Shirt

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Who Drink Arnold Palmer Laura Palmer Shirt Meaning
The hot trend t-shirt featuring Laura Palmer – a fictional character in the Twin Peaks movie drinking a glass of non-alcoholic beverage called ” Arnold Palmer” – which is the combination between iced tea and lemonade. The t-shirt is going viral on the Internet because of joking about the name Laura Palmer and the drinking “Arnold palmer”. With the picture of Laura Palmer holing the iced lemonade juice, there’s no doubt to answer the funny question on the shirt: “Who Drink Arnold Palmer?” – Yes, it’s Laura Palmer, who did it!

Laura Palmer – the girl featuring on the shirt, is a well-known character played by Sheryl Lee. She first appears in the ABC original series Twin Peaks, in the role of a protagonist in Lynch’s prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992), to highlight the remarkable event in her life, which lead to the horrifying scene of her murder. Laura Palmer is a beautiful woman and becomes an iconic character throughout the series. Through many ups and downs, from being a cocaine addict, a victim of child sexual abuse, a fetish model (sex worker) at One Eyed Jacks, making her a complex figure: physically beautiful and tragically wonderful woman.

Arnold Palmer – He is famous for being an American professional golfer. The origin of the non-alcoholic beverage Arnold Palmer is named after him. This tea and lemonade beverage with half iced tea, half lemonade, is an indispensable part of American culture. Arnold Palmer mentioned in the shirt is held by the girl Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks, looks like a Television Commercial between the beauty and the famous beverage branding.

Who Drink Arnold Palmer T Shirt
STUNNING DESIGN: The t-shirt depicts Laura Palmer- a beautiful and sexy woman in the series Twin Peaks, holding the Arnold Palmer beverage, makes it a great combination and looks like a hot TV Commercial of the celebrity and the trending beverage.
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