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Top 10 Places to Celebrate Christmas in July in the United States

Christmas in July’s True Origins Can Be Found in North Carolina

Each year, Christmas in July has become such a cultural fixture that you may not have given it a second thought as to who came up with such a cheerful, somewhat corny midsummer festival. According to Country Living’s research, it all began right here in the South. (It wasn’t the marketers!) However, we can’t say we’re surprised. Christmas in July began 84 years ago, on July 24th and 25th, 1933, at a girls’ camp in Brevard, North Carolina named Keystone Camp.

In an interview, Page Ives Lemel, the current director of Keystone Camp, remarked, “I never felt it was special to us.” “It appears to be something that other camps might do.” However, this is not the case. The first time anyone celebrated “Christmas in July” was at Keystone, according to the camp’s 100th anniversary celebration book, at the request of camp co-founder Fannie Holt.

Miss Fannie was a fascinating character, a dreamy, creative type who brought a lot of variety to the show “Lemel explains. “To identify the cabins, most camps assign a number to them. Crabapple, Skylark, and Crow’s Nest are just a few examples. We have Elves, Pixies, and Dryads instead of junior and senior campers.

There were carolers, a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, presents, and fake snow made of cotton for the inaugural Christmas in July. As the custom grew, campers began to utilize laundry bags as improvised stockings, placing them outside their cabins overnight to be filled with sweets. Elves, reindeer, and Mrs. Claus eventually joined in on the fun, as did a counselor-led gift exchange. The presents were clever and imaginative, according to Lemel, who is the fourth generation in her family to hold the post of director. “Once upon a time, my father received a bejeweled toilet plunger with feathers and glitter,” she recalled in the interview.

The tradition continues today, and even the sweltering Southern summers haven’t deterred the campers—now they simply go for a swim in the lake after the presents. Check out our suggestions for a Christmas in July party and when to watch which movies to bring a little Christmas in July vibe home.

Top 10 Places to Celebrate Christmas in July in the United States

It is an unofficial holiday to celebrate Christmas in July. The phrase comes from the fact that Christmas is really celebrated in the summer in the southern hemisphere. Because July is the peak month of their winter season, residents in that area celebrate Christmas in July. We’ve prepared a list of the finest spots to celebrate Christmas in July across the United States since there’s so much to do in so little time. If you don’t intend on traveling this year, you’ll have plenty of time to plan for next year.

Christmas in July is a chance for most Americans to get out of the heat and have a little fun. Christmas in July sales is held by a number of department shops and online merchants, including Treetopia.

The Hallmark Channel broadcasts all of your favorite Christmas films, and many cities across the United States hold large celebrations.

There are hundreds of cities with names based on holidays. As you would expect, several of these locations conduct Christmas in July celebrations.

1. Oceanside, California

The annual shopping festival, which attracts thousands of visitors each year, features over 100 craftsmen selling handmade arts and crafts. A bake sale, rummage sale, children’s play area, and live entertainment are all part of the Christmas in July artisan fair.

Phoenix, Arizona is number two.

Even though the weather is heating up, the Phoenix Zoo will continue to stage its Winter in July program. Over 7,000 people attend, and more than 41 tons of snow are shipped in.

3. Alaska’s the North Pole

You must see the North Pole while in Alaska! Santa Claus House has a fantastic selection of vintage toys, presents, and antiques. Make sure to take a photo with the 50-foot-tall world’s biggest Santa.

4. The city of Dallas, Texas

Dress up for the Bishop Arts District’s annual Christmas in July celebration. For the whole family to enjoy, they’ve arranged a summer snowstorm, an ice skating rink, seasonal delicacies, and live entertainment starring classic Christmas characters. Here’s a poster from a few years ago for their event.

Frankenmuth, Michigan is number five.

Closer to home, shoppers in Frankenmuth may view more than 300 Christmas trees on the sales floor of the world’s largest Christmas store. Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland is one and a half football fields in size, with plenty of photo possibilities.

6. East Dundee (Illinois)

Santa’s Village is an East Dundee institution, having established in 1959. Rides, a petting zoo, animal interactions, and live daily performances await the family for a full day of fun and excitement.

Santa Claus, Indiana (#7)

Now is your time to visit a theme park if you’ve ever needed an excuse. Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana, is the country’s first Christmas-themed theme park, and Consumer’s Digest has awarded it the nation’s top value theme park twice.

North Pole, New York is number eight.

Why not visit Santa’s Workshop, a theme park in North Pole, New York, this Christmas in July?9. Chalfont, Pennsylvania

The Byer’s Choice Annual Christmas in July Festival features an indoor snow blizzard, singing reindeer, and candy cane flavored ice cream. Take a look at their 2017 Instagram post.

10. West Jefferson, North Carolina

The annual Christmas in July event in West Jefferson, North Carolina, attracts thousands of visitors each summer with arts and crafts stalls, food sellers, and street entertainers. According to Kind Seeds, the city of West Jefferson is expecting even more visitors this year, as it celebrates its 32nd year of hosting the event.

This month is the ideal opportunity to celebrate your favorite season twice! If you haven’t yet commemorated this joyous occasion, now is the time! In July, have a Merry Christmas!

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