Suns In 4 T Shirt

A video of a Phoenix Suns fan getting into it with a pair of Denver Nuggets fans went viral over the weekend, and Devin Booker wants reach out to the now-famous fan.The Suns had quite the traveling party as they wrapped up the final two games of their four-game sweep in Denver. There were emotional scenes with Chris Paul in his mother after Game 4 on Sunday.Yet, perhaps no single fan has become as well-known as “Suns in 4” man. Suns In 4 Shirt

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There have been a number of fan incidents, both good and bad, with spectators returning to sports venues around the country. This particular scene was downright bananas.The two Nuggets fans in question appeared to be antagonizing the Suns fan, as home spectators tend to do when chirping with spectators who take their fandom on the road. Suns In 4 T Shirt

Everyone involved appeared to scuffle a little bit before things died down. However, one of the Nuggets fans lunged back at the Suns fan and started throwing punches.To say it ended poorly for the inciting Nuggets fan would be a huge understatement. “Suns in 4” man threw hands before holding up the four fingers to indicate where the series was headed.Now, “Suns in 4” man has the attention of the team’s franchise player and one of the biggest stars in the NBA.

Phoenix will need to rally behind its team as the franchise tries to get back to the NBA Finals for the first time since 1993. Perhaps Booker will hook “Suns in 4” guy up with some sweet tickets for the conference finals.

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