Olympic Volleyball Red T Shirt

They’re known as the libero. A libero is a guarded trained professional, presented by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), which is the association that administers Olympic volleyball, after the 1996 Games. Due to the guarded idea of the situation, there are a couple of things that a libero can’t do, similar to serve, square or play an assaulting shot.

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As indicated by the FIVB’s principles, “If the libero makes an overhead arrangement of the ball before the 3-meter assault line, the ball may not be spiked over by the group. In the event that the libero makes a similar activity behind the front zone, the ball might be uninhibitedly assaulted.”

The libero is likewise needed to wear an alternate shading shirt, probably to make it simpler for arbitrators to uphold those standards.

The liberos aren’t dependent upon a similar replacement leads all things considered. They switch through a cycle called “substitution.” According to NBC, something like one point should be played between a libero falling off the court, and returning on to supplant another player.

Preceding 2021, the libero wasn’t permitted to be group chief. In any case, in February, the FIVB Refereeing and Rules of the Game Commission changed that standard to permit the libero to go about as group or game chief.

There are two liberos on every one of the U.S. people’s volleyball crews. For the men’s group, Erik Shoji is addressing the U.S. for his subsequent Olympics, and Dustin Watten is the group’s substitute. On the ladies’ side, Justine Wong Orantes is in her first Olympics, while Megan Courtney is a substitute.







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