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Although it would seem that the exertion incident to the long flights of many species of migratory birds would result in their arrival at their destination in a state bordering on exhaustion, this is contrary to the truth. Both the soaring and the sailing of birds show them to be proficient in the use of factors employed in aerial transportation that only recently have become understood and imitated by aeronautical engineers.

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The use of ascending currents of air, employed by all soaring birds, and easily demonstrated by observing the gulls that glide 79 hour after hour along the windward side of a ship, are now utilized by man in his operation of gliders. Moreover, the whole structure of a bird renders it the most perfect machine for extensive flight that the world has ever known. Hollow, air-filled bones, making an ideal combination of strength and lightness, and the lightest and toughest material possible for flight in the form of feathers, combine to produce a perfect flying machine. Mere consideration of a bird’s economy of fuel or energy also is enlightening.

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