Early earlier today, a conceivably implicating photograph of Brandon Mitchell – the attendant (No. 52) who as of late revolted against his involvement in assisting with indicting the ex-cop of two checks of homicide and one tally of murder – drew worry that he was not fair to the case and additionally deceived keep his seat on the 12-man jury.

The photograph being referred to – which was presented on Facebook on August 31, 2020 by a man named Travis Mitchell, who is supposed to be Brandon’s uncle – shows three men, one of whom is Brandon, who is wearing a T-shirt showing a picture of Martin Luther King, Jr. alongside the words, “GET YOUR KNEE OFF OUR NECKS” (Chauvin bowed on Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds last May), and the Black Lives Matter abbreviation, “BLM.”


Brandon said he went to the Aug. 28 occasion to celebrate MLK’s I Have a Dream discourse during the 1963 March on Washington.

“I’d never been to D.C.,” he disclosed to The Star Tribune of his explanations behind going. “The chance to go to D.C., the chance to associate with a great many Black individuals; I just idea it was a decent chance to be a piece of something.”

He added that the occasion was “100% not” a walk for Floyd.

“It was straightforwardly identified with MLK’s March on Washington from the ’60s … The date of the March on Washington is the date … It was in a real sense called the commemoration of the March on Washington,” he demanded.

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