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Who is Bishop Sycamore? What we know about mysterious HS football team that played on ESPN

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At the point when Bishop Sycamore took the field in Canton on Sunday to confront IMG Academy, ESPN’s commentators thought they’d call a game between two world class secondary school football crews.

It didn’t take long for it to turn out to be certain that one of those groups wasn’t what it said it was.

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Minister Sycamore — which records Columbus as its area, however there’s no location on the site, and the “About Us” and “Staff” pages on the site are clear — was overmatched from the start as it took on the No. 1 group in the country.

The game immediately grabbed public eye as it was communicated on ESPN’s fundamental channel. Online media was afire with inquiries regarding how Bishop Sycamore came to be planned for the game when it plainly was not fit to play against a group of IMG’s type.

Bishop Sycamore Shirt
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Halfway during that time quarter, as Bishop Sycamore followed 30-0, observer Anish Shroff recognized that ESPN hadn’t had the option to discover proof to help Bishop Sycamore’s cases that they carried a list loaded down with Division I ability.

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