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The last time the Yankees were out of a postseason spot on exchange cutoff time day, they sold what they could.

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This time, they purchased what they could.

The Yankees procured Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo, and Rizzo said there’s very little more to request as a baseball player than putting on the Yankee pinstripes.

“You come in here and can’t resist the urge to be invigorated and thrilled and just can hardly wait to get out there and play…” Rizzo said, adding that he’s energized for his first roll call from the Bleacher Creatures.

“At the point when you turn the page [from leaving Chicago] and you see you get exchanged to the New York Yankees, and you will put this uniform on, and you move between various noteworthy franchises, it’s simply a stunning inclination. The chance for me to come in here and play for the Yankees in this setup in New York City, you can’t request more as a player, and like I said, I just can hardly wait to begin playing baseball…

“To have the option to put a Yankee uniform on and go play there is going to be extremely uncommon. I certainly anticipate this evening, and I’m unquestionably anticipating Monday late evening playing at Yankee Stadium.”

Rizzo considered the most recent 24 hours a “rollercoaster of feelings” after he was exchanged from the Cubs after 10 seasons, however when he begins messing around for the Yankees, he thinks he’ll fit right in.

“It shouldn’t be too difficult to even consider progressing. It’s clearly another group and new everyday practice, except when you get comfortable and get in the hang of things, I feel like simply having baseball will be the most effortless influence, ideally.”

Rizzo likewise said he would “totally” consider remaining with the Yankees past this season, however “it’s only sort of an each day in turn mindset at the present time.”

Rizzo spent a lot of summers in New Jersey as a child, has family in Connecticut, and even was at David Cone’s ideal game. So the Bronx isn’t a new area to him.

The Yankees nonetheless, as recently referenced, are in a new area – out of a postseason spot in late July.

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